No-Bottle Conditioner
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No-Bottle Conditioner

“Jack — I just want to tell you I’ve used both the shampoo bar and conditioning bar, and I’m really impressed, because my hair actually looks good and behaves nicely with no “product” whatsoever! Feels good, too! Amazing!”
–Norma (Ocala, FL)

Just as our Lemon Gear Head Shampoo Bar seeks to offer a high lather bar that deeply cleans without needing a bottle; this Lime scented Gear Head Conditioning Bar will quickly become the favorite secret for those of us with thick hair looking for more shine and manageability.

Formulated with Japanese camellia oil this conditioning bar embraces the emollients that have been praised as the beauty secret of the Geishas and used for setting the hair of Sumo wrestlers. This very precious oil has been recognized for centuries in Eastern Asia for its highly restorative and rejuvenating effect on your hair and skin.

Camellia oil is an excellent emollient and wonderful skin moisturizer. Furthermore, it helps to restore proper pH balance and has a buffering quality that acts as an effective shield to protect hair and scalp from penetration of environmental pollutants. Camellia Oil protects hair from drying out while replenishing vital nutrients.

Inspiration led me to hunker down and develop a saponified natural sudsy conditioning bar that requires no plastic packaging and swirls natural, organic suds down your drain while returning these natural ingredients to the nurturing bio-sphere. Our good friend lime produces a scent that is as invigorating and delicious as a morning scramble up to a lush mountain field. The Gear Head Conditioning Bar is a great way to begin your ‘good hair’ day.

Kick it in gear.

• Available in 6 oz bars
• Additional items are only 25 cents extra for shipping. So buy one for all your friends. Also available in multi pack discounts.

Usage and Storage

Since our handcrafted shampoo concentrate has no synthetic chemical preservatives but has natural preservatives such as, grapeseed oil extract or Vitamin E, your bar of shampoo or conditioner needs more care and diligence to insure a long life. Store them away from water so that they air dry. Rest your no-bottle shampoo or conditioner on a draining soap dish or stand it on its side, out of the spray range of the shower head. If left in water, concentrates tend to dissolve due to the emollients and glycerine molecules that wash clean with water. The drier the concentrate the longer it lasts which is why I use a mesh soap bar saver and hang mine on a hook outside of range of the water spray to let it drain when not in use.