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FAQ: Do you wholesale your no-impact products? A: Yes. We offer a tiered program for those interested in retailing a portion or the entire lineup of Ethically Engineered products. To get started: Just give us a call or send us an email via our Contact Page.

Please include: Business name and mailing address, contact person’s name, email address, and phone number. Shortly after you’ll get our pricing sheet. Maximizing your company’s margin is our way of keeping competitive. We have a personal interest in keeping natural, organic and vegan products priced as close to, meeting, or exceeding the retail prices of corporations who rely on the lab boys to come up with dangerous foaming agents, additives, and toxins. It requires more thought to maintain economies of scale while minimizing or eliminating our impact. But we got the time and we know how much your customers rely on you to give them ethical buying choices.

Natural and Organic promotional products will:

– Reach your client on a personal level
– Show you care about the environment and your client
– Your client will remember you

Is the competition using an Organic, all natural Promotional Item, or will you be the first?

We also offer wholesale prices for:

– Bed and Breakfast Room Amenity Baskets
– Hotel Gift or Amenity Baskets
– Spas and Salons (re-sale)
– Retail Boutiques (re-sale)
– Bridal Party Gifts
– Wedding Favors

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